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Free ANS-C00 Questions for Amazon ANS-C00 Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

An organization has ordered a new AWS Direct Connect connection. The AWS Management Console reports that the connection is available and BGP status is up. However, the networking team is not able to reach instances in the VPC using ping on the organization's private IP address

What could cause this connectivity issue? (Choose two.)

Answer : B, D

Question 2

A logistics company has deployed a hybrid environment that has multiple VPCs in both the us-east-1 Region and the af-south-1 Region The on-premises data center is connected to us-east-1 through an AWS Direct Connect connection The Direct Connect connection is connected to a Direct Connect gateway that is associated with a transit gateway The transit gateway is attached to all the VPCs in us-east-1

An application that is deployed in af-south-1 requires access to a database in the data center The application also requires access to file storage in a VPC in us-east-1

Which solution will meet these requirements with the LOWEST latency?

Answer : A

Question 3

A company wants to migrate its production and development applications to the AWS Cloud across multiple VPCs in three AWS Regions us-east-1 (N Virginia), eu-west-1 (Ireland), and ap-southeast-1 (Singapore) The company needs a scalable solution that provides connectivity between all three Regions The solution also must provide private connectivity to the company's on-premises data center in Northern Virginia Data that is transferred from on premises and data that is transferred between Regions must be encrypted in transit The company requires predictable network performance and must minimize cost

The company has initiated a solution by deploying a transit gateway with two route tables in each Region One route table is for the production environment, and one route table is for the development environment

What else must the company do to meet its requirements with the LOWEST latency?

Answer : B

Question 4

A manufacturing company has a hybrid environment that includes an AWS Direct Connect gateway that is associated with an AWS Transit Gateway The company wants to extend a third-party application that is hosted in its on-premises data center into one of its VPCs

The application vendor has stated that It must use an overlay IP address to meet the company's requirement for high availability. The DHCP administrator has assigned a non-overlapping RFC1918 private address for use as the overlay IP address The security team requires connectivity to remain private

Which solution meets these requirements with the LEAST management overhead''

Answer : D

Question 5

A company has Iwo on-premises data center locations. There is a company-managed router at earn data center. Each data center has a dedicated AWS Direct Connect connection to a Direct Connect gateway through a private virtual interface The router for the first location is advertising 110 routes to the Direct Connect gateway by using BGP and the router tor the second location is advertising 60 routes to the Direct Connect gateway by using BGP The Direct Connect gateway is attached to a company VPC through a virtual private gateway

A network engineer receives reports that resources In the VPC are not reachable from various locations in either data center. The network engineer checks the VPC route table and sees that the routes from the first data center. location are not being populated into the route table The network engineer must resolve this issue in the most operationally efficient manner

What should the network engineer do to meet these requirements'

Answer : D

Question 6

A company recently migrated its Amazon EC2 instances to VPC private subnets to satisfy a security compliance requirement. The EC2 instances now use a NAT gateway tor internet access After the migration, some long-running database queries from private EC2 instances to a publicly accessible third-party database no longer receive responses The database query logs reveal that the queries successfully completed after 7 minutes but that the client EC2 instances never received the response.

Which configuration change should a network engineer implement to resolve this issue''

Answer : C

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Total 154 questions