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Free ANS-C00 Questions for Amazon ANS-C00 Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

A financial company is designing a secure AWS network architecture to support a hybrid cloud strategy. Systems deployed in the AWS Cloud are mission critical and have strict availability requirements. The company anticipates the need for hundreds of VPCs. Instances will be transient and rely heavily on DNS resolution The applications must be designed to have Availability Zone isolation and tolerate the loss of an Availability Zone

What is the MOST reliable way to implement DNS in this scenario?

Answer : C

Question 2

A company wants to migrate its workloads to the AWS Cloud. The company has two web applications and wants to run them in separate, isolated VPCs. The company needs to use Elastic Load Balancing to distribute requests between application instances.

For security reasons, internet gateways must not be attached to the application VPCs. Inbound HTTP requests to the application must be routed through a centralized VPC. and the application VPCs must not be exposed to any other inbound traffic The application VPCs cannot be allowed to initiate any outbound connections

What should a network engineer do to meet these requirements?

Answer : D

Question 3

A VPC is deployed with a 10 0 0.0/16 CIDR block. The engineering team is reviewing DHCP options and there is disagreement about the valid DNS addresses available for the VPC Which addresses are valid IP addresses provided by Amazon for this subnet' (Select TWO.)

Answer : B, D

Question 4

A company uses AWS Direct Connect lo connect its corporate network to multiple VPCs in the same AWS account and the same AVVS Region Each VPC uses its own private VIF and its own virtual LAN on the Direct Connect connection The company has grown and will soon surpass the limit of VPCs and private VIFs for each connection

What is the MOST scalable way to add VPCs with on-premises connectivity?

Answer : D

Question 5

A company has established an AWS Direct Connect connection between its customer gateway at its on-premises data center and a virtual private gateway m the AWS Cloud The BGP routing protocol configuration includes the Autonomous System Number {ASN) of 7224 on the AWS end of the connection and the BGP ASN of 65004 on the company end of the connection

The company's IT administrators report that servers that run at the on-premises data center are not able to communicate with the company's web application that runs on a fleet of Amazon EC2 Instances A network engineer performs initial troubleshooting The network engineer finds that the private VIF is operational and that there is a fully established BGP peering session However, the company still cannot route traffic over the private VIF

Which of the following is a possible cause of this connectivity issue?

Answer : C

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Total 154 questions