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Question 1

A company has a social media application that receives large amounts of traffic User posts and interactions are continuously updated in an Amazon RDS database The data changes frequently, and the data types can be complex The application must serve read requests with minimal latency

The application's current architecture struggles to deliver these rapid data updates efficiently The company needs a solution to improve the application's performance.

Which solution will meet these requirements'?

Answer : D

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis:An in-memory data store known for extremely low latency, ideal for caching frequently accessed, complex data.

Write-Through Caching:Ensures that data is always consistent between the cache and the database. Writes go to both Redis and RDS.

Performance Gains:Redis handles reads with minimal latency, offloading the RDS database and improving the application's responsiveness.

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Documentation:

Caching Strategies:

Question 2

A company runs a payment application on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balance The EC2 instances run in an Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones The application needs to retrieve application secrets during the application startup and export the secrets as environment variables These secrets must be encrypted at rest and need to be rotated every month.

Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST development effort?

Answer : D

AWS Secrets Manager:Built for managing secrets, providing encryption, automatic rotation, and access control.

Customer Master Key (CMK):Provides an extra layer of control over encryption through AWS KMS.

Automatic Rotation:Enhances security by regularly changing the secret.

User Data Script:Allows secrets retrieval at instance startup and sets them as environment variables for seamless use within the application.

AWS Secrets Manager Documentation:

AWS KMS Documentation:

User Data for EC2 Instances:

Question 3

A company is using Amazon API Gateway to invoke a new AWS Lambda function The company has Lambda function versions in its PROD and DEV environments. In each environment, there is a Lambda function alias pointing to the corresponding Lambda function version API Gateway has one stage that is configured to point at the PROD alias

The company wants to configure API Gateway to enable the PROD and DEV Lambda function versions to be simultaneously and distinctly available

Which solution will meet these requirements?

Answer : D

API Gateway Stages:Stages in API Gateway represent distinct environments (like PROD and DEV) allowing different configurations.

Stage Variables:Stage variables store environment-specific information, including Lambda function aliases.

Ease of Management:This solution offers a straightforward way to manage different Lambda function versions across environments.

API Gateway Stages:

API Gateway Stage Variables:

Question 4

A developer is working on an ecommerce platform that communicates with several third-party payment processing APIs The third-party payment services do not provide a test environment.

The developer needs to validate the ecommerce platform's integration with the third-party payment processing APIs. The developer must test the API integration code without invoking the third-party payment processing APIs.

Which solution will meet these requirements'?

Answer : D

Mocking API Responses:API Gateway's Mock integration type enables simulating API behavior without invoking backend services.

Testing with Sample Data:Using captured responses from the real third-party API ensures realistic testing of the integration code.

Focus on Integration Logic:This solution allows the developer to isolate and test the application's interaction with the payment APIs, even without a test environment from the third-party providers.

Amazon API Gateway Mock Integrations:

Question 5

A developer is creating a simple proof-of-concept demo by using AWS CloudFormation and AWS Lambda functions The demo will use a CloudFormation template to deploy an existing Lambda function The Lambda function uses deployment packages and dependencies stored in Amazon S3 The developer defined anAWS Lambda Function resource in a CloudFormation template. The developer needs to add the S3 bucket to the CloudFormation template.

What should the developer do to meet these requirements with the LEAST development effort?

Answer : D

S3BucketandS3Key:These properties in a CloudFormationAWS::Lambda::Functionresource specify the location of the function's code in S3.

Least Development Effort:This solution minimizes code changes, relying on CloudFormation to reference the existing S3 deployment package.

AWS::Lambda::Function Resource

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Total 198 questions