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Free SAA-C02 Questions for Amazon SAA-C02 Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

A company wants to migrate its 1 PB on-premises image repository to AWS. The images will be used by a serverless web application Images stored in the repository are rarely accessed, but they must be immediately available Additionally, the images must be encrypted at rest and protected from accidental deletion

Which solution meets these requirements?

Answer : B

Question 2

A company is preparing to deploy a data lake on AWS A solutions architect must define the encryption strategy for data at rest in Amazon S3. The company's security policy states

* Keys must be rotated every 90 days

* Strict separation of duties between key users and key administrators must be implemented

* Auditing key usage must be possible

What should the solutions architect recommend?

Answer : B

Question 3

The financial application at a company stores monthly reports in an Amazon S3 bucket. The vice president of finance has mandated that ail access to these reports be logged and that any modifications to the tog files be detected

Which actions can a solutions architect take to meet these requirements?

Answer : C

Question 4

A solution architect has created two IAM policies. Policy1 and Policy2 . Both policies are attached to an IAM group.

A cloud engineer is added as an IAM user to the IAM group. Which action will the cloud engineer be able to perform?

Answer : C

Question 5

A company runs a public three-Tier web application in a VPC The application runs on Amazon EC2 instances across multiple Availability Zones. The EC2 instances that run in private subnets need to communicate with a license server over the internet The company needs a managed solution that minimizes operational maintenance

Which solution meets these requirements''

Answer : C

Question 6

A company hosts a marketing website in an on-premises data center. The website consists of static documents and runs on a single server. An administrator updates the website content infrequently and uses an SFTP client to upload new documents.

The company decides to host its website on AWS and to use Amazon CloudFront. The company's solutions architect creates a CloudFront distribution. The solutions architect must design the most cost-effective and resilient architecture for website hosting to serve as the CloudFront origin

Which solution will meet these requirements?

Answer : C

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Total 550 questions