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Free S90.05 Questions for Arcitura Education S90.05 Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

Your company is developing an Articles service that will encapsulate a legacy content management system. The existing content management system uses a proprietary XML vocabulary (called ArticleML). Each article record in the system is represented by an "article" element as shown here:

The new Articles service contract is able to continue using this XML document structure for article data it will exchange via request and response messages. However, the existing content management system was not designed to work with XML Schema. The proprietary article records were stored as XML documents but never validated using XML Schema. You are tasked with the responsibility of defining a WSDL definition with an embedded XML schema for the new Articles service. As a start, you are asked to create preliminary versions of the WSDL definition and XML schema so that they only define the first "message" element for the request message that submits an article record to the service, as per the example above. Which of the following accomplishes this?

Answer : C

Question 2

You currently have a Catalog service that currently imports an XML schema that is based on PROD-XML, an industry standard vocabulary for representing product catalog information. Specifically, the Catalog service WSDL definition contains "message" elements that reference the "productDefinition" element that is defined in the "prod1Q.xsd" schema. The current WSDL definition is as follows:

A new version of the PROD-XML vocabulary is released and you are required to upgrade from the "prod10.xsd" schema to the new version, "prod20.xsd" schema. Although the new version still defines an element named "productDefinition", the target namespace of the schema has changed from "" to "". You now need to update the WSDL definition to reflect this change. Which of the following is correct?

Answer : B

Question 3

You are asked to create a Claim service that is capable of retrieving insurance claim records. To fulfill this requirement, you first define an XML schema that describes the structure of the messages. The request message that is sent to the service will need to be based on a "ClaimLookup" element that contains the claim number within a "claimNumber" child element. The response message sent from the service needs to be based on the "ClaimLookupResponse" element that contains the same "claimNumber" element along with the "claimAmount" and "claimStatus" child elements. The schema (named "Claims.xsd") looks like this:

Your next task is to define the WSDL definition for the Claim service. Which of the following WSDL definitions correctly incorporates the above schema?

Answer : C

Question 4

You are developing the Document Management service that will be providing product catalog record management operations. Your first task is to create operations for the addition and deletion of product records from the catalog. The first operation needs to be able to add a product record and needs to receive a message based on the "addProduct" element. The second operation needs to be able to delete a product record and needs to receive a message based on the "deleteProduct" element. Both of these operations need to reply with a response message based on the same "catalogUpdateConfirmation" element-So far, you have developed the following schema (called "catalogManagement.xsd"), which declares the three needed elements:

Which of the following shows a WSDL definition that correctly incorporates this schema and fulfills the requirements for this service?

Answer : B

Question 5

You are asked to create an XML schema for an Address Formatting service that needs to be able to accept a mailing address and then return the same address rearranged in a different format defined by the postal service. You are given the following specific instructions as to how the XML schema should be designed:

* The XML schema requires two elements named "AddressLookup" and "AddressResponse".

* The "AddressLookup" element must contain child elements named "address1", "address21" "city". "stateOrRegion", "postalCode" "country", in that order. Each of these elements must have the type string.

* The "AddressResponse" has the same children as the "AddressLookup" message, plus it contains an "addressValid" element as its last child. This element is added to indicate whether a valid address was found, and therefore this element must be of type Boolean.

Which of the following XML schemas fulfills the requirements while also following the instructions?

Answer : C

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Total 50 questions