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Free PK0-005 Questions for CompTIA PK0-005 Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

An existing application that is highly utilized by clients is moving to a new release. Which of the following environments contains this application?

Answer : B

This is where an existing application that is highly utilized by clients is moving to a new release, as it involves deploying and operating it in a live environment.Reference= CompTIA Project+ Study Guide1, Chapter 4: Project Environments

Question 2

A business analyst has gathered information directly from the client and is currently working with the project manager to identify what to include in the document in order to finish it. Which of the following processes should the project manager do next?

Answer : D

This is the process of gathering information directly from the client and other stakeholders to define what needs to be done in order to deliver the project outcomes.Reference= CompTIA Project+ Study Guide1, Chapter 9: Scope Management

According to the CompTIA Project+ Study Guide1, scope management is the process of defining, validating, and controlling the project scope throughout the project life cycle. Scope management involves identifying and documenting the project requirements, creating a work breakdown structure (WBS), and managing changes to the scope.

Question 3

A project manager is in the process of evaluating the probability and impact of a risk by assigning numbers such as a monetary value. Which of the following is the project manager using?

Answer : C

Quantitative risk analysis involves numerically analyzing the effect of identified risks on overall project objectives. It often includes assigning monetary values to risks to understand their impact in financial terms, helping in prioritizing risks based on their potential cost or impact on the project. This contrasts with qualitative risk analysis, which assesses risks based on their probability and impact but does not assign numerical values.

Question 4

A global shipping slowdown is causing critical raw materials needed for manufacturing to be delivered late. As a result, a project's production run will be delayed from the beginning.

Which of the following dependencies is most likely happening?

Answer : A

A Finish-to-Start dependency implies that a subsequent activity cannot start until a previous one finishes. In this scenario, the manufacturing process (subsequent activity) cannot begin until the critical raw materials (previous activity) have been delivered. This type of dependency is the most common in project schedules and is likely being affected by the global shipping slowdown, causing delays in the start of the project's production run.

Question 5

A demo presentation for a global project was not as successful as expected because the development team misinterpreted which features needed to be incorporated. Which of the

following has the project manager identified?

Answer : C

Language barriers can lead to misunderstandings within a global project team, causing misinterpretations of project requirements or features. In this case, the development team misinterpreted which features needed to be incorporated into the demo presentation due to communication issues, likely stemming from language differences. This highlights the importance of clear communication and understanding in a diverse project team.

Page:    1 / 14   
Total 239 questions