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Free 312-40 Questions for Eccouncil 312-40 Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

Christina Hendricks recently joined an MNC as a cloud security engineer. Owing to robust provisions for storing an enormous quantity of data, security features, and cost-effective services offered by AWS, her organization migrated its applications and data from an on-premises environment to the AWS cloud. Christina's organization generates structured, unstructured, and semi-structured dat

a. Christina's team leader asked her to store block-level data in AWS storage services. Which of the following AWS storage services should be used by Christina to store block-level data?

Question 2

Cindy Williams works as a cloud security engineer in an IT company located in Seattle, Washington. Owing to the cost-effective security, governance, and storage features provided by AWS, her organization adopted AWS cloud-based services. Cindy would like to detect any unusual activity in her organization's AWS account. She would like to obtain the event history of her organization's AWS account activity for security analysis and resource change tracking. Which of the following AWS service enables operational auditing, compliance, governance, and risk auditing for her organization's AWS account?

Question 3

Allen Smith works as a cloud security engineer in a multinational company. Using an intrusion detection system, the incident response team of this company identified that an attacker has been continuously attacking the organization's AWS services. The team leader asked Allen to track the changes made to AWS resources and perform security analysis. Which AWS service can provide the AWS API call history for AWS accounts, including calls made via the AWS Management Console or Command Line tools, AWS Software Development Kits, and other AWS services to Allen?

Question 4

Daffod is an American cloud service provider that provides cloud-based services to customers worldwide. Several customers are adopting the cloud services provided by Daffod because they are secure and cost-effective. Daffod is compliant with the cloud computing law that protects the student information collected by educational institutions and their associated vendors. Based on the information given, which law does Daffod adhere to?

Question 5

Being a cloud security administrator, Jonathan is responsible for securing the large-scale cloud infrastructure of his organization SpectrumIT Solutions. The organization has to implement a threat detection and analysis system so that Jonathan would receive alerts regarding all misconfigurations and network intrusions in the organization's cloud infrastructure. Which AWS service would enable him to use to receive alerts related to risks?

Page:    1 / 14   
Total 125 questions