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Free NSE7_SAC-6.2 Questions for Fortinet NSE7_SAC-6.2 Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

Refer to the exhibit.

Given the network topology shown in the exhibit, which two ports should be configured as untrusted DHCP ports? (Choose two.)

Answer : C, D

Question 2

Examine the following output from the FortiLink real-time debug.:

Based on the output, what is the status of the communication between FortiGate and FortiSwitch?

Answer : D

Question 3

An administrator has deployed dual band-capable wireless APs in a wireless network. Multiple 2.4 GHz wireless clients are connecting to the network, and subsequent monitoring shows that individual AP 2.4GHz interfaces are being overloaded with wireless connections.

Which configuration change would best resolve the overloading issue?

Answer : C

Question 4

A FotliGate has the following LDAP configuration

On the Windows LDAP server, the administrator used dsqueryT which returned the following output:

>dsquery user -samid admin* "CN=AdministratorrCN=UsersiDC=trainingAD;DC=trainingiDC=lab"

According to the output, which FortiGate LDAP setting is configured incorrectly?

Answer : B

Question 5

Refer to the exhibit.

Examine the output of the debug command and port configuration shown in the exhibit.

FortiGate learned the MAC address 78:2b:cb:d8:36:68 dynamically.

What action does FortiSwitch take if there is an untagged frame coming to port1 will different MAC address?

Answer : A

Page:    1 / 14   
Total 30 questions