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Free B2B-Commerce-Developer Questions for Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

A developer is writing custom code to compare External Prices and Sales Prices for cart items. What should be returned if the External Prices are the same as Sales Prices for Products in the Cart? ~.

Answer : A

Similar to question 198, when custom code compares external prices with sales prices for cart items and finds them to be the same, the appropriate return value should indicate a successful comparison (such as sfdc_checkout.IntegrationStatus.Status.SUCCESS). This signifies that the external prices are aligned with the sales prices, and there are no conflicts.

Question 2

What class must a developer implement to override Pricing during the checkout?

Answer : D

To override pricing during the checkout process in Salesforce B2B Commerce, a developer must implement a class specifically designed for this purpose, such as sfdc_checkout.CartPriceCalculations. This class would provide the necessary framework for custom pricing logic to be applied during checkout, ensuring that any custom pricing requirements are met.

Question 3

What are two common and maintainable ways the content layout of a Lightning Web Component can be implemented?

Answer : B, D

For maintainable and scalable Lightning Web Component development, it's recommended to style components by targeting the :host pseudo-element in the component's CSS file and by applying Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) classes to internal elements. These practices ensure consistent styling that aligns with Salesforce's design standards and provides a clear separation of concerns between component structure and styling.

Question 4

Which wire adapter can a developer use to retrieve metadata about a specific object?

Answer : D

To retrieve metadata about a specific object in a Lightning Web Component, a developer can use the getObjectInfo wire adapter. This adapter provides access to the metadata of a specified Salesforce object, including fields, record types, and layouts, which is essential for dynamic component rendering based on the object's schema.

Question 5

Which two items are required for a developer to bring picklist values into a Lightning Web Component?

Answer : A, B

To bring picklist values into a Lightning Web Component (LWC), a developer needs to import specific modules from the lwc and lightning/uiObjectInfoApi namespaces. The getPicklistValues function from the lightning/uiObjectInfoApi module is used to fetch the picklist values based on record type and field metadata. Additionally, importing { LightningElement, wire } from lwc is essential for defining the LWC class and using the @wire decorator to wire the getPicklistValues to a property or function. Salesforce documentation on LWC and utilizing the uiObjectInfoApi provides clear guidelines on how to implement this functionality.

Page:    1 / 14   
Total 221 questions