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Free CRT-403 Questions for Salesforce CRT-403 Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

An app builder at Ursa Major Solar has been working on a new custom app in a sandbox that has been upgraded to the next major Salesforce version, and their production instance is still on the current Salesforce version. The development is complete and they are ready to deploy a change set.

What should the app builder consider when planning the deployment?

Answer : A

Question 2

Northern Trail Outfitters has two custom objects that are part of a master-detail relationship.

What determines the ownership and sharing access of the detail record?

Answer : C

Question 3

An app builder wants to use Process Builder to automate some of the work being done by the sales team.

What are three capabilities ofProcess Builder that can improve productivity?

Choose 3 answers

Answer : A, B, E

Question 4

When a deal is closed- won, it has to be approved by the owner's manager prior to being added to the leaderboard for a quarterly sales competition. An opportunity is won on the last day of the quarter and the manager is on vacation.

What is recommended to ensure all of the appropriate deals are reviewed and the leaderboard is up to date?

Answer : B

Question 5

At Ursa Major Solar, there is a single Lightning record page for the Celestial Bodies custom object; however, there is a Lightning component the app builder wants to restrict to mobile app users.

Which feature on the Lightning app builder should be utilized?

Answer : C

Page:    1 / 14   
Total 234 questions