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Free Salesforce Certified Integration Architect Questions for Salesforce Certified Integration Architect Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

An architect recommended using Apex code to make callouts to an external system to

process insurance quote.

What should the integration architect consider to make sure this is the right option for the integration?

Answer : D

Question 2

A developer has been tasked by the integration architect to build a solution based on the Streaming API. The developer has done some research and has found there are different implementations of the events in Salesforce (Push Topic Events, Change Data Capture,

Generic Streaming, Platform Events), but is unsure of to proceed with the implementation.The developer asks the system architect for some guidance.

What should the architect consider when making the recommendation?

Answer : B

Question 3

A healthcare services company maintains a Patient Prescriptions System that has 50+

million records in a secure database. Their customer base and data set growing rapidly. They want to make sure that the following policies are enforced:

1. Identifiable patient prescriptions must exist only in their secure system's databaseand

encrypted at rest.

2. Identifiable patient prescriptions must be made available only to people explicit authorized in

the Patient Prescriptions System assigned nurses anddoctors, patient, and people explicitly the

patient may authorize.

3. Must be available only to verified and pre-approved people or legal entities.

To enable this, the company provides the following capabilities:

1. One-time use identity tokens for patients, nurses, doctors, and other people that expire within

a few minutes.

2. Certificates for legal entities.

. RESTful services.

The company has a Salesforce Community Cloud portal for patients, nurses, doctors, and other authorized people. A limited number of employees analyze de identified data in Einstein


Which two capabilities should the integration architect require for the Community Cloud portal

and Einstein Analytics?

Choose 2 answers

A Identity token data storage

Answer : B, C

Question 4

An integration architect needs to build a solution that will be using the Streaming API, but the data loss should be minimized, even when the client re-connects every couple of days.

Which two types of Streaming API events should be considered?

Choose 2 answers

Answer : B, D

Question 5

Only authorized users are allowed access to the EBS and the Enterprise DMS.

Customers call Customer Support when they need clarification on their bills. Customer Support needs seamless access to customer billing information from the E and view generated bills from the DMS.

Which three authorization and authentication needs should an integration consultant consider while integrating the DMS and ESB with Salesforce?

should an integration consultant consider while integrating the DMS and ESB with Salesforce?

Choose 3 answers

Answer : B, D, E

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Total 106 questions