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Free Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advanced Cross Channel Questions for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advanced Cross Channel Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

What is the fastest way to add a classification to a post?

Answer : A

The fastest way to add a classification to a post in Social Studio is by using Macros. Macros allow you to apply preset actions, including classifications, to posts quickly. This method is much more efficient than manually adding classifications to each post individually.

Question 2

Decision split using contact data not working, myorders DE with 1 to many relationship configured in attribute group. What questions you need to ask to troubleshoot. Select multiple

Answer : A, B, C

For troubleshooting a decision split using contact data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that isn't working, consider the following:

A . Are you using attribute to attribute comparison: This involves ensuring that comparisons in the decision split are correctly set between comparable data types and values.

B . Is there any spelling mistake in your contact attributes: Typos or incorrect field names in attribute definitions can prevent the decision split from correctly evaluating the data.

C . Are there any eligible matching orders for that particular contact: It's crucial to verify that there are relevant data records that meet the criteria set in the decision split. Lack of matching data can lead to unexpected outcomes in journey behavior.

Question 3

What is the prerequisite to create advertising studio audience:

Answer : A

To create an Advertising Studio audience, the prerequisite involves:

A: Create advertising/business account on the required network and setup the ad account integration in Marketing Cloud. This step ensures that Salesforce Marketing Cloud can communicate and synchronize data with the advertising networks, such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter, allowing for the targeted advertising campaigns to be managed directly from the Marketing Cloud.

Question 4

Where can you see ad details for facebook ad campaign. Both advertising campaigns and journey builder)

Answer : B

To view ad details for a Facebook ad campaign managed through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the most direct place to find comprehensive campaign information is:

B: On the Facebook ad channel. While journey builder integrates with Advertising Studio for triggers and automation, detailed performance metrics and management of ads are best handled directly within the platform where the ads are hosted, i.e., Facebook's own ad management tools.

Question 5

You are using replace inbox message feature. But your audience has changed and some of the contacts who received the first message do not exist. What would happen?

Answer : D

Using the replace inbox message feature in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, when your audience has changed and some of the contacts who received the first message no longer exist, the handling is as follows:

D: Inbox message is replaced for existing users and deleted for users who do not exist. This ensures that only current, valid users receive the updated message, maintaining the relevance and accuracy of your marketing communications.

Page:    1 / 14   
Total 40 questions