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Free Platform Developer I Questions for Salesforce Platform Developer I Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

A developer identifies the following triggers on the Expense __c object:

The triggers process before delete, before insert, and before update events respectively.

Which two techniques should the developer implement to ensure trigger best practices are followed?

Choose 2 answers

Answer : A, D

Question 2

Universal Hiring uses Salesforce to capture job applications. A salesforce administrator created two custom objects; Job__c acting as the maste object, Job _Application__c acting as the detail.

Within the Job ___c object, a custom multi-select picklist, preferred Locations __c, contains a list of approved states for the position. Each

Job_Application__c record relates to a Contact within the system through a master-detail relationship.

Recruiters have requested the ability to view whether the Contact's Mailing State value matches a value selected on the Preferred_Locations__c field,

within the Job_Application__c record. Recruiters would like this value to be kept in sync if changes occur to the Contact's Mailing State.

What is the recommended tool a developer should use to meet the business requirement?

Answer : D

Question 3

A developer created this Apex trigger that calls Myclass.myStaticMethod:

The developer creates a test class with a test method that calls MyClass.myStaticMethod directly, resulting in 81% overall code coverage.

What happens when the developer tries to deploy the trigger and two classes to production, assuming no other code exists?

Answer : D

Question 4

Universal Containers needs to create a custom user interface component that allows users to enter information about their accounts.

The component should be able to validate the user input before saving the information to the database.

What is the best technology to create this component?

Answer : B

Question 5

A developer must implement a CheckPaymentProcessor class that provides check processing payment capabilities that adhere to what defined for payments in the PaymentProcessor interface. public interface PaymentProcessor { void pay(Decimal amount); } Which is the correct implementation to use the PaymentProcessor interface class?

Answer : B

Page:    1 / 14   
Total 237 questions