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Free Salesforce Contact Center Accredited Professional Questions for Salesforce Contact Center Accredited Professional Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

The consultant should recommend UC configure the solution by setting up the organization's default business hours and creating an escalation rule where the case matches the criteria associated with different business hours.

An administrator has activated Omni-Channel routing on a queue for the first time. However, agents are not seeing the work that was already in the queue

What is the reason for the work that was already in the queue not being pushed to agents?

Answer : A

When Omni-Channel routing is activated on a queue for the first time, existing records in that queue will not automatically be pushed to agents. This is because Omni-Channel only starts routing work items that arrive in the queue after its activation. Any work that was already in the queue prior to enabling Omni-Channel will need to be manually reassigned or triggered to enter the Omni-Channel routing process.

Question 2

The reason why the work that was already in the queue is not being pushed to agents is:

The "Apply to existing records in queue" option was not selected.

At Ursa Major Solar, customer service agents follow a case close process to ensure a summary is provided of the customer's question and the provided answer

What should a consultant propose to improve this process so that these summaries make solving future customer cases more efficient?

Answer : A

To improve the case close process at Ursa Major Solar and make solving future customer cases more efficient, a consultant should propose using Salesforce Knowledge. By storing summarized questions and answers in Salesforce Knowledge, agents can quickly access and reuse this information for similar future inquiries. This approach not only saves time but also promotes consistency in customer responses and enhances the overall quality of support.

Question 3

While all the options mentioned can be helpful for improving efficiency in resolving customer cases, the most suitable recommendation for Ursa Major Solar based on the given scenario is:

Use Salesforce Knowledge to store questions and answers so agents can easily reproduce the same answer for similar questions.

Universal Containers has implemented service-level agreements (SLAs) to resolve cases There is an additional requirement when the contact center is closed for a holiday to not apply escalation rules or milestones during this time

How should a consultant recommend implementing this requirement?

Question 4

While manually changing presence status is an option, it's not the most ideal solution for Ursa Major Solar's concern about capturing call summaries in Service Cloud Voice. Here are two better suggestions:

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) would like to set up customer push notifications as part of t Engagement upgrade project.

For which channels can UMS implement this?

Question 5

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Total 207 questions