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Free 3V0-22.21 Questions for VMware 3V0-22.21 Exam as PDF & Practice Test Software

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Question 1

You are tasked to automate the installation and deployment of new host added into your company vSphere cluster using Auto Deploy. Ensure Auto Deploy and Image Builder is set to start automatically every time vCenter Server is restarted. Use the web client and VCSA0la to perform this step.

Confirm that the auto deploy plugin is available in the web interface. You may be required to logout and log back in after enabling the services.

The vCenter server is required to retrieve software from an online depot. You are to use the depot provided below and ensure that Auto Deploy is always running even, with restart of vCenter server.

Name FirstDepot

URL https / / hostupdate.vmware.com/software/VUB/PRODUCTION/main/vmw-depot-index.xml

Note: ignore error that you received on cannot connect to depot. This is expected due to vCSA do not have internet connection.

Create a deploy Rule on VCSA0la based on information below. You do not need to apply to any host at this time.

Name: Rule1

Specify Rule to match Vendor: Dell

Check 'Do Not Include Image Profile"

Check 'Do Not Include Host Profile"

Select host location: Choose cluster PROD-A

Answer : A

Question 2

The Virtual Infrastructure team wants to share a VM Template from vcsa0la to vcsa0lb via content libraries. Ensure that the content in the libraries is synchronized only when needed.

* Name of Published Content Library in vcsa0la: CL01

* Name of Subscribed Content Library in vcsa0lb: CL02

* For both content libraries, use the local datastore: SAN01

* VM Template to be shared: Core-Template

After the Core-Template has been synchronized from CL01 to CL02. deploy a virtual machine from VM-Template on vcsa0lb

* Name of virtual machine: CL-VM

* Host for virtual machine: sxi03b

Answer : A

Question 3

A user has approached you about a virtual machine with the name infra-1 that is performing poorly on the vCenter Server vcsa0l

a. In order to analyze the data offline, your team requires the esxtop data from the problem host with the following requirements:

* The esxtop data must be in CSV format

* The data must contain 20 iterations with a delay

Once captured, copy the results CSV file from the destination datastore on the host to the Desktop of the ControlCenter VM with the filename "esxiOlb-capture.csv'.

Note: WindSCP is installed on the Controller.

Answer : A

Question 4

A vSphere administrator has deployed a new server. The VM will have a workload which is prodApp1 to the following specifications:

* The VM should never have any memory contention while powered on. even if the host that it resides

* Configure the virtual machine for high latency sensitivity.

Answer : A

Question 5

You have just deployed a new vCenter Server Appliance. Vcsa0l

a. and are required to back up to configuration after deployment. To complete this task, perform an unencrypted backup of the vCenter Server Appliance using the following details:

* Use the FTP protocol to backup the appliance

* FTP Server Location:

* FTP Username: administrator

* FTP Password: VMware1!

Note: Make sure you include the / at the end of the Server Location

Answer : A

Question 6

The security team has decided to follow the VMware-recommended best practices in the vSphere hardening guide.


Your first task is to create a local user in esxi02b:

* Name: SpecialUser

* Role: Administrator

Your second task is to ensure that SpecialUser is the ONLY user who is able to SSH into esxi02b via Putty.

Your final task is to enforce a strict lockdown on esxi02b.

Your second task is to ensure that SpecialUser is the ONLY user who is able to SSH into esxi02b via Putty.

Your final task is to enforce a strict lockdown on esxi02b.

Answer : A

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Total 17 questions